Princess & Me: Ariel’s Paper Bowl Jellyfish

Princess Ariel loves living in her castle by the sea. Beautiful sunsets, sparkling waves and golden seashells can all be seen from the large domed windows in every room. But there is one part of the ocean that can’t be seen from above, and that is the world of creatures living underneath the sea. Some of Ariel’s best friends were the jellyfish that glided alongside her and Flounder on their many adventures. Luckily, she created the perfect solution with odds and ends she found around the palace – Paper Bowl Jellyfish!


Whether or not your kingdom is by the ocean, these colorful and imaginative jellyfish will bring the magical world of the sea into your home. Follow Ariel’s step-by-step instructions to create your own whimsical creatures.

Step One: Gather your materials.


You will need:

  • 2 paper bowls

  • Scissors

  • Glue stick

  • Assorted ribbons of various lengths

  • Stapeler

  • Watercolors

  • 2 small white circles of paper 

  • Black marker 

Step Two: Using watercolors, paint the bottom of one bowl in any design you would like! This will be the “head” of your jellyfish. 


Step Three: While the paint dries, draw two black circles inside the white circles of paper to create eyes for your jellyfish. Turning the painted bowl upside-down, glue these eyes onto the slope of the bowl.


Step Four: Have a prince or parent stab several holes in the bottom of the unpainted bowl. Take ribbons and loop through the holes, knotting on one end when necessary.



Step Five: Stack the two bowls so the unpainted one is on bottom, ribbons dangling down. Staple the edges of the bowls together.



Your jellyfish is ready to be hung indoors wherever you wish! Ariel has jellyfish all over the castle – she has even given each one a special name. Though they may not be quite as wonderful as the real thing, these spirited replicas remind Ariel of her second home. They bring a smile to her face whenever she sees them, just as they are sure to bring a smile to yours!






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