Princess & Me: Ariel’s Heart Fish Valentines

It is one week before Valentine’s Day, and Princess Ariel’s palace is buzzing with excitement as everyone prepares for the Valentine’s Day Ball that will be taking place that evening! There will be a grand feast, followed by dancing and of course the traditional exchanging of valentine cards. Ariel has come up with the perfect notes to give to her handsome prince and friends! Follow along with Princess Ariel and create some fishy valentines for the special prince or princesses in your kingdom!


Step One: Gather your materials.

For each valentine, you will need (in whatever colors you would like):

  • 2 medium paper hearts of the same size

  • 1 large paper teardrop

  • 1 large googly eye

  • Marker

  • 1 small, skinny paper heart

  • Glue stick

  • Glitter glue


Step Two: Glue one medium heart on the front of the teardrop for the fish’s face, and one on the back for the tail.



Step Three: Glue the small heart on the front of the face to create lips for your fish!


Step Four: Glue a googly eye onto the face of the fish.


Step Five: Using glitter glue, draw scales onto the body of your fish. Fish scales can look like zig zags, ocean waves, or even stripes – use your imagination!


Step Six: Using markers, write a special note for your valentine on the fish’s tail. Here are some suggestions if you need ideas:

  • Will you oFISHially be mine?
  • I’m so glad we swim in the same school!
  • I’m hooked on you!
  • You’re a great catch!


Your colorful valentine fish is ready to swim its way into the heart of your prince and friends! Ariel made an entire school of unique fish to hand out on Valentine’s Day! She is planning to give hers to Prince Eric right before the ball next week along with a brand new pair of polished shoes (needless to say, feet are very important to Ariel).



Sometimes, telling someone how much you care is enough to turn their whole day around!  Even the simplest gesture of kindness and love makes all the difference. Write a list of the people in your life whom you treasure, and then let your fish friends tell them how much you care. Valentine’s Day is all about putting the people you love first, and chances are there is someone special planning to put you first as well!



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