Princess & Me: Rapunzel’s Pipe Cleaner Pascal

It is no surprise that Rapunzel’s best friend is her chameleon, Pascal. It takes a very special chameleon to stick with a princess for the 18 years she is trapped in a tower, and sometimes a good friend is all you need to get through a bad day. Between countless games of hide and seek and even posing for Rapunzel’s many paintings, Pascal is the kind of friend any princess would be lucky to have.

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You may not have a special chameleon like Pascal to keep you company when the going gets tough, but luckily Rapunzel has come up with the perfect alternative. Make your own Pipe Cleaner Chameleon with the help of Princess Rapunzel!

Step One: Gather your ingredients.


You will need:

  • 2 plastic google eyes

  • Scissors

  • 1 pencil

  • Elmer’s liquid glue

  • 1 short red or pink pipe cleaner (3 in.)

  • 2 short green pipe cleaners (3 in. each) 

  • 2 full length green pipe cleaners

Step Two: Loop one of the full length pipe cleaners in half, creating a circle in the middle. This circle will be the chameleon’s head, so make sure it is the size you want!


Step Three: Wrap one of the halves of that same pipe cleaner around the circle you have created until it is fully covered. Your chameleon now has a head!



Step Four: Coil the second full length pipe cleaner around a pencil so that it forms a tight spring. Slide this spring onto the other pipe cleaner so the body is attached to the head. Loosely curl the extra end of the pipe cleaner to make a tail.



Step Five: Take the two shorter green pipe cleaners and bend them over the front and back of the spring to form legs.


Step Six: Attach the red or pink pipe cleaner to the front of the chameleon’s head and curl to create a tongue. 


Step Seven: Using elmer’s glue, attach the two plastic eyes to either side of the chameleon’s head.


Your new pipe cleaner friend is finished and ready for a game of hide and seek! Pascal likes to sit on Rapunzel’s shoulder so he doesn’t get left behind during her many adventures. Whatever you do, make sure to keep an eye on your friend – chameleons are known to blend in well with their surroundings!






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