Princess & Me: Snow White’s Gift Wrapped Snowman

It seems that every Christmas morning, presents are unwrapped in such an excited flurry that in no time, all that is left is a pile of discarded paper. In Snow White’s cottage, however, the excitement of gifts is not in the surprise hidden under the wrapping paper, but in the wrapped package itself! Even the most simple package can be made special by the way it is presented. This year, Snow White is wrapping Grumpy’s present in an especially creative way that is sure to bring a smile to even his grouchy face!

Follow along with Snow White as she shows you step by step how to create your own gift wrapped snowman for a loved one!

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Step One: Gather the following materials.

You will need:

  • 3 cut-to-wrap pieces of solid white (or mostly white) wrapping paper

  • 3 boxes ranging in size (1 small, 1 medium, 1 large)

  • 1 piece of black construction paper

  • 1 piece of orange construction paper

  • Gluestick

  • Tape

  • 1 thick ribbon

  • Scissors


Step Two: Wrap each box in white paper (make sure your gifts are already placed in the boxes so they are ready to be wrapped).


Step Three: Stack the boxes from largest to smallest, attaching at the base with tape.


Step Four: Roll the piece of orange construction paper into a narrow tube and tape closed. Your snowman now has a carrot nose! Tape the nose in the center of the top small box.


Step Five: Now its time to create some eyes and a smiling mouth! Take your black construction paper and cut it into small circles, with two larger circles for eyes. Glue these onto the top box to form a face around the carrot nose.


Step Six: Using the same method as the eyes and mouth, cut four large circles to be used as buttons for your snowman. Glue these onto the bottom two boxes.


Step Seven: You’re almost finished! If you would like your snowman to have a top hat, cut a small square and a small rectangle using the black construction paper. Tape the rectangle to form a circular tube.


Step Eight: Glue the tube onto the square of paper to form a top hat, then glue your hat onto the top smallest box of the snowman! Feel free to tie a ribbon around the brim of the hat for extra decoration if you wish.


Step Nine: Tie a thick ribbon around the bottom of the top box to give your snowman a festive scarf.


Your wrapped snowman is finished! Be sure to add a gift tag to your snowman if it contains special gifts for friends or family to unwrap on Christmas morning.


Snow White set her finished snowman underneath the tree and is waiting patiently for Christmas morning to arrive. Even Grumpy seems to be in good spirits knowing there is a unique present waiting for him under the tree! He tries relentlessly to guess what is inside the package, but Snow White refuses to tell. 

If you promise not to tell, she will share the secret with you, her favorite princess friend! The boxes are filled with jars of his favorite strawberry jam, a small framed painting of their cottage in the woods, and a scarf Snow White knitted herself. It is sure to be a very merry Christmas for Grumpy, after all!




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