Princess & Me: Belle’s Hot Glue Snowflakes

The holiday season is upon us, and Princess Belle couldn’t be more excited. The snow may not be falling outside the palace walls yet, but that doesn’t mean Belle can’t make some beautiful snowflakes of her own! Hot glue snowflakes are dazzling against any windowpane and can turn even the sunniest castle into a winter wonderland!

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Follow Belle’s simple tutorial to create your own dazzling snowflake window decals!


Step One: Gather your materials.

You will need: 

  • One cookie sheet

  • Hot glue gun (with extra glue sticks)


Step Two: Plug in your hot glue gun so it can begin heating. If your glue gun comes with a heat setting, make sure that it is set on high.

While your glue gun heats, think about what you want your snowflake to look like! If you are an especially little princess, you will need an adult to create the snowflake for you. Drawing a picture is a splendid way to describe how you would like the finished product to look!


Step Three: Use the hot glue gun (and the help of an adult) to create your snowflake on the cookie sheet! Press out a slow and steady flow of glue, and be sure to make the edges thick enough that they will peel off easily once the glue has dried.




Step Four: Wait at least five minutes until the glue has cooled completely and is hard to the touch. Carefully peel the snowflake off the cookie sheet.


Your snowflake is complete! Make as many as you would like to create a sparkling flurry in your castle. Stick your snowflake onto any glass or metal surface – window panes or even refrigerators work wonderfully! You can also use string to hang them from the ceilings if you wish!


Make sure to enjoy your beautiful creations and newly decorated castle with a loved one by your side! Belle covered every ballroom window in these beautiful snowflakes and then spent the day dancing with Lumiere and Chip until the Beast returned home and swept her away for dinner.





2 thoughts on “Princess & Me: Belle’s Hot Glue Snowflakes

  1. My entry way and breakfast nook looks absolutely stunning with these snowflakes. They look so expensive yet aren’t at all!! Even the ones that I thought I didn’t do a good job on looked lovely once on the windows. I intend to make some and send them with my holiday packages by simply placing them between paper and putting them in a large envelope. Thank you Princess Belle!

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