Princess & Me: Snow White’s Fall Mobile

What a wonderful day to be decorating for the fall season! This morning, Snow White went out into the forest with her animal friends and collected all kinds of autumn goodies to make into a beautiful fall mobile for the cottage. The squirrels donated some of their prized pinecones to the cause, and some of her favorite songbirds even flew to the tops of the trees to find the very best fall leaves! What a wonderful surprise the dwarves will have when they return home and see the finished product!


Creating a mobile is a fun and easy way to decorate for the holidays and bring the outdoors into your home. Use Snow White’s step-by-step tutorial to create your own whimsical fall mobile!


Step One: Gather your materials.


You will need:

  • 2 sticks of equal size and length

  • Assorted fall keepsakes (see step two)

  • Scissors

  • One roll of jute rope, string, or yarn

Step Two: Bundle up in your warm clothes and get outdoors! You can leave your carriage at home for this one. Instead, grab a friend, family member, or prince and go on a nature walk! It doesn’t matter where you are, nature can always be found! Be sure to bring a small bag with you.


What do you smell? Take a deep breath and enjoy the perfumes of fall.

What do you hear? Can you hear any birds overhead as they fly to Snow White’s cottage? Is there wind blowing through the trees? If you live in the city, maybe what you hear is the rush of traffic as people rush about on special autumn errands!

What do you see? As you enjoy your stroll, pick up any special fall items you see and collect them in your bag! If you haven’t found them already, make sure and gather the two sticks needed for your mobile. Once you have found and gathered 30 or so treasures, make your way back to the castle.

Step Three: Tie your sticks together in an X formation using your string.


Step Four: Cut about twelve pieces of string, as long as you would like. The more items you have, the longer your string should be (or the more strings you should cut, depending on how you would like your finished mobile to look).

Step Five: Tie your fall treasures onto the strings securely. Make sure that each string is of about equal weight by the time you are finished – you want your mobile to be balanced when you hang it up!


Step Six: Tie your strings onto the X of sticks you made earlier, spaced evenly. Leave excess for hanging.


Your beautiful mobile is complete! What a wonderful way to decorate for this beautiful season and share the outdoors with the ones you love. Hang your finished product outside your doorway, or even in your bedroom if you wish!





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