Princess & Me: Cinderella’s Carriage Carved Pumpkin

It’s no surprise that Cinderella loves pumpkins! It was, after all, an enchanted pumpkin carriage that got her to the prince’s ball in time. This autumn, follow Cinderella’s instructions (with the help of an adult) to create your own carved pumpkin carriage to glow bright on magical nights!


Step One: Gather the following materials.

You will need:

  • 1 small pumpkin

  • Knife for carving

  • Tempra paints

  • Scissors

  • Loose glitter/glitter glue

  • Small picture of you!

  • 2-3 gold pipe cleaners or wires

  • 1 tea light

  • Hot glue gun

  • 1 toothpick

  • Towel or rag 

  • 4 metal lids (Cinderella used the lids off of two 12 oz frozen juice concentrate containers)


Step Two: Using your knife, carve out the “lid” of the pumpkin by cutting a circular hole around the stem. Make sure to keep the lid to paint and replace later! (Little princesses, put on an apron to keep your ball gown clean while a responsible adult handles this step!)


Step Three: Silk princess gloves off! Get your hands messy cleaning out the pumpkin “goo” until the inside is completely rid of seeds and pulp.


Step Four: Adults can now use the knife to carve three domed shapes into the side of the pumpkin (one big shape in the middle and one smaller shape on each side) . Pop out the shapes and discard to create windows.


Step Five: Use your rag to wipe down the pumpkin until it is completely dry.

Step Six: Decorate your pumpkin! Use paint and glitter to really make your carriage unique!




Step Seven: Paint your metal lids to look like beautiful carriage wheels. Cinderella sprinkled some glitter on these as well to add extra sparkle!


Step Eight: Once you are finished decorating, plug in your hot glue gun so it can start heating, and wait for any paint to dry before continuing on to Step Nine! While you wait, why not whip up some of Cinderella’s delicious Bippity Boppity Boo Buns?

Step Nine: Using scissors, trim the picture of yourself so that it shows only the top of your shoulders and face. Hot glue the top of the toothpick to the back of the picture. Once the glue has dried, insert the toothpick into the bottom rim of the window so that the base of the picture is up against the base of the hole.


Step Ten: Now it is time to attach the wheels to your carriage using your hot glue gun. Hold onto each wheel until the glue has dried completely.


Step Eleven: Curl the gold wires around your fingers and then twist onto the stem of the pumpkin. These swirls will help to add an extra magical appearance to your enchanted carriage!

Step Twelve: Carefully place your tea light inside the pumpkin and place lid on top. Your enchanted pumpkin carriage is now complete and ready to carry you off to the ball!


Place your enchanted pumpkin carriage on the front porch, or inside your palace for everyone to see! On dark nights, you can use matches and the help of an adult to light the candle inside and make your enchanted carriage glow just like Cinderella’s!





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