Princess & Me: Cinderella’s Catnip Mouse

Today is Lucifer the cat’s birthday! Lucifer used to live at Cinderella’s house in the woods, but now he lives in the castle with Cinderella and her prince! Although he tends to get into trouble at times, Lucifer is one of Cinderella’s dearest cat friends. To celebrate his special day, Cinderella is making him a very special gift – a catnip mouse!

Whether it is their birthday or not, cats love special presents that are given from the heart! Follow Cinderella’s simple instructions below and make a catnip mouse for the furry feline in your castle.

Featured Image

Step One: Gather your materials.

You will need:

  • 1 infant or child’s cotton sock or 1 ankle sock
  • Cotton balls
  • Catnip
  • Non-toxic permanent magic marker
  • Needle and thread


Step Two: Stuff the toe of the sock with catnip.

Step Three: After plenty of catnip has been added, follow with cotton balls for extra stuffing. Fill to the start of the sock’s ankle, then tuck any excess into the hole of the sock.


Step Four: With the help of an adult and some needle and thread, sew the top opening of the sock closed.


Step Five: Now decorate the sock with magic markers so no kitty can resist it! Make sure to add two black dots for the eyes of the mouse.

Now that you are finished, present your catnip mouse toy to any special kitty (or kitties!) in your life and watch them play with their new gift!

Thank you for being a friend to the animals, just like Cinderella!




Note: For this special kind of toy mouse, make sure not to add any yarn or fabric tail. Your cat could swallow it and would get a terrible tummy ache!


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