Princess & Me: Belle’s Stained Glass Night Light

Nighttime is a magical moment. The best stories are read at night before bedtime and stories can continue into your dreams. Belle’s Stained Glass Night Light is a wonderful addition to story time.

Picture 9

Step one: gather materials.

Picture 1

You will need:

1 4×6 stained glass template, printed on white paper (found at end of post)

1 long strip black construction paper

Crayons or colored pencils

Scotch tape

1 battery-powered (flameless) tea light


Colored tissue paper (optional)

Step two: with the help of an adult, use scissors to cut out the black and white template.

Picture 3

Step three: using crayons or colored pencils, color in the template. Use your imagination! This is your very own work of art.

*Optional: older princesses can rip colored tissue paper to fill in the black and white template if they wish.

Picture 5

Step four: tape the strip of black construction paper to either side of the template, attaching the sides to form a circle.

Picture 6

Picture 7

Step five: turn on battery-powered tea light and place inside paper circle.

Now you can bring Belle’s beautiful stained glass windows to your own castle! Dark rooms are always made brighter with beautiful colors and warm light.

Picture 10

Place your new stained glass night light in your royal bedchamber. Belle likes to place hers right by her bedside in the castle.

Picture 11

Stained Glass Template


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